CTS has developed a training system unlike any in the surrounding area that takes on a well-rounded approach to athletic development through years of experience, extensive study, and hands-on training. Our programs are unique and can be customized for all athletes regardless of their sport, age, or current level of ability!


(Turf Area)

(Dumbbell Rack)

Utilizing the latest methods and training techniques built on a blend of real-world experience and sport-science, athletes can expect to see tremendous gains in strength, speed, and power development. Our goal is to provide an experience that is unmatched for fulfilling every individual’s true athletic potential.

(Weight room area)

Training is conducted in small groups of up to 12 athletes per session. All sessions are run in “group personal training” format, with each athlete training on an individualized, customized training program.

CTS Strength & Conditioning is a sanctioned weightlifting club (#3877) and proud partner of USA Weightlifting!

CTS specializes in Sports Performance, Speed and Agility Training, Olympic Weightlifting, and Team Training.


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