My BIG Secret to Help Napa Athletes Prevent Serious Injuries

As an athlete, your goal should be to be on the playing field as long as possible.

One way to ensure you’re on the filed/court/track/mat, or whatever your sport¬† may be – is to make sure you’re warming up properly prior to competition.

Check out the video below of myself and a friend/colleague of mine taking you through a sample warm-up that I’ve used to help prep our athletes for speed and/or strength training.

All too often, the warm-up is neglected. The warm-up is the perfect time to prepare the body and mind for strenuous physical activity. Can’t play if you’re hurt! Couple a solid warm-up and a structured training program, you have the recipe for success. BUT, without the right attitude and willingness to do whatever it takes, a great warm-up and workout regiment will only take you so far.

How far are you willing to go? Are you willing to out-work your competition this off-season? Or will you let someone else pass you by? Your choice…

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