CTS Athlete of the Month (June 2014) – Dom Good

Our CTS June 2014 Athlete of the Month award goes to Northern Arizona University football player Dom Good!


Dom trained with us all Summer 4x/week and saw great results!! Can’t wait to see how the season goes for him!! Amazing work ethic and positive attitude will take him very far in school, sports, and life! Congrats Dom!!!

1.) Name, Age, Sport, School

– Dom Good, 19, Football, Northern Arizona University

2.) How long have you been training at CTS?

– 3.5 months

3.) Favorite Lift to perform in the gym and why:

– Power clean because it forces you to use your entire body to perform the lift

4.) What are your short-term goals?

– To get as strong as I possibly can, and also stay in great shape.

5.) What are your long-term goals?

– I want to be able to perfect my form with all the lifts and be able to train after I’m done competing in sports.

6.) Would you recommend CTS to other athlete and friends?

– Yes, I had a great time training at CTS and the trainers came excited to work everyday and motivated me to train hard.

7.) Describe your experience at CTS. What kind of results did you see?

– After training at CTS for an entire summer I saw all my lifts increase tremendously. At Napa High School there was no power cleans so it took me a little while to get use to the form but now I am comfortable performing the lift!

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