CTS September Athlete of the Month

isabelaotmOur CTS September Athlete of the Month award goes to Isabel Jennings, a junior basketball/track & field athlete at Justin-Siena High School!

Isabel has quickly become a standout in the gym with what seems endless progress in strength, power, and overall athleticism! She has made great gains including adding 3 inches to her vertical jump in 8 weeks!! The results in the gym continue to pile up for her and it’s because of her commitment and dedication to her training that our coaches and I chose her as the CTS September Athlete of the Month! Get to know a little more about her experience with us here at CTS!

Congrats again Isabel!!! Keep up the great work.

1. Name, Age, School, and Sports: Isabel Jennings, 16, Justin-Siena, Basketball and Track & Field (long jump is main event)

2. How Long Have You Been Training at CTS?: I have been training with CTS since June 2013 (4 months)

3. Favorite Exercise in the Gym and Why?: My favorite lift is the push jerk because it is explosive and makes me feel super powerful!

4. Short Term and Long Term Goals: My goals are to continue getting stronger before I have to break for basketball season, and long term to jump in the high 19′ for long jump and hopefully continue competing in college.

5. What is your favorite part about training at CTS?: My favorite part of training at CTS is being able to joke around with the trainers while still having them push me to do the best I can. They are always there to fist bump or joke around with me after a good set of reps!

6. Would you recommend training at CTS to others and if so, why?: I would and have recommended other athletes to CTS. Since beginning my training here, I have gained muscle tone, explosiveness, and my vertical went way up! I feel so excited to see how I perform in my upcoming basketball and track seasons, so I would hope other athletes could have this same experience. If given the chance, any athlete who wants to be competitive should train at CTS because it is so beneficial!

7. Describe your experience at CTS: CTS is the place to be. Along with a great group of athletes, the trainers are fun, good at what they do, and know your strengths and weaknesses. I am never bored or feel as if I don’t know what I am doing. I have become more confident as well as gotten stronger and more explosive. My vertical went up 2″ in just 8 weeks, that’s saying something! It’s been an awesome experience so far and I know it will keep getting better.


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