What’s the Deal With Fitness Assessments?

**Why We Assess all New Prospective Athletes and Clients**

Assessments are a vital part of making sure a new athlete has a successful training experience with us at CTS.

Trying to create an individualized training program without an assessment would be like shooting darts in the dark.

Sure I “MIGHT” hit the bulls-eye every once in a while, but the odds are slim to none that I’ll even come close to hitting the dart board!

Would you go to a doctor for a prescription without getting seen? No because that would be medical malpractice without actually knowing a diagnosis of your ailment and how to treat it properly.

The same concept goes for training athletes and clients – without an assessment, it is essentially FITNESS MALPRACTICE. How can a new client simply JUMP RIGHT IN to a training program they might not be ready for? And you wonder why there is a rise in injuries amongst new trainees in a large group atmosphere or commercial gyms – no assessments, no screening process, just work in with us and hope for the best, right? WRONG!

Upon our very first interaction with a new prospective athlete to our program, we spend roughly 45-60 minutes getting to know you and/or your parents so we can create a custom program suited for YOU. We also take you through our dynamic warm-up, a movement screening process, and also assess a couple of different exercises to test where you currently stand.

Please, for your health’s sake – don’t fall victim to fitness malpractice!! The next step is to schedule your free assessment with us so we can provide YOU with the best training program and results possible. You’re just one click away from becoming the best athlete you can be!

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