Football Off-Season Training

For all you football players of Napa County, there are a couple things you need to think of now that your season has come to an end. For a couple teams in the valley, your season continues on to the playoffs, while others’ seasons are through.
Now, the “official” off-season begins in January, I understand that. Considering this I want you to think about a few things…

  • How did your team finish this year?
  • How did you help contribute to your team’s success?
  • If your team wasn’t as successful as you had hoped, do you think you could have done things in the off-season to help better yourself as well as the team?

If you are unhappy with how you played and how your team fared, that’s a GOOD thing. Why? Because you can change the way you play and the way you perform on the field by taking charge RIGHT NOW. You have the choice to get better and begin your off-season TODAY. Your official off-season begins in January, but from now until then is about 60-70 days. That’s 60-70 days you could have used to get better.

Look, it’s true what they say: the real WINNING starts in how you prepare in the off-season. How you prepare will directly correlate in how much success you have during your season. This means doing what others are not willing to do after the season is over. This means going against the norm and doing what YOU feel is necessary to win.

Instead of sitting around and playing video games for these 2-3 months of down time, you could be preparing for next season NOW! It’s time to take control of your own success, and it really all starts with the foundation built with solid strength, speed, and power development training.

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Winners train, losers complain!

I’ll see you at the gym.. Right?

– John Cortese, CSCS

Owner, CTS Strength & Conditioning

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