How To Get Faster For Football

As football season approaches, more and more athletes, parents, and coaches in Napa have been asking me how they can get their young athletes in shape and ready to dominate the football season.

It’s very unfortunate that most of these young athletes aren’t doing much if anything at all during the Summer time to prepare for football season. Doesn’t make much sense does it? If you are going to be involved in a high impact sport as football, you really cannot afford to wait until “Hell Week” to try and get into shape.

When this happens (about 99% of the time), most kids are extremely sore, beat up, and many acquire injuries during the first week of football that easily could have been prevented!

So, how do we go about getting faster for football season, preventing injuries, and getting these athletes ready?

We need to prepare early with a structured training program. It doesn’t have to be very fancy at all; no need for crazy gimmicks such as parachutes, bungee cords, and all the other fad items out there. Something as simple as a solid warm-up, basic jump training to improve coordination and power output, some speed drills and sprint training, followed by basic bodyweight strength training to improve force production and reduce ground contact time, and finishing with some form of football-specific conditioning and flexibility/mobility work will often do the job just fine.

Now, even with this advice, most kids will not have the discipline to go out and do it on their own (obviously). Most (not all!) kids nowadays are happy to play Xbox all day and hang out with their friends than train (which is pretty sad); this is a recipe for disaster as their bodies are not physically ready to play the game of football when it comes time to suit up; if your son is being subject to punishing hits and high impact collisions for football, then they are ready for some form of basic strength and speed training, even at a young age of 10 or 11.

What often happens too is a parent will try and train their son and friends, which is great (something is better than nothing) and the intentions are good. BUT, usually this leads to over-doing it the first few times, doing WAY too much work, and really having zero structure or rhyme/reason for doing what they are doing. Anyone can go out and make an athlete run until they puke and are so tired they can’t move the next day, but what does that accomplish? Not a whole lot but frustration and burn out.

Now, the good news is CTS is offering a Football-Specific Strength and Speed camp for youth football players (ages 11-14) this summer! No more waiting around until good ol’ “Hell Week”. These young athletes need to prepare early on for success and to ensure they are “injury-proofed” as much as possible before first day of practice! The camp will be held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:00 AM to 9:15 AM at Silverado Middle School, beginning June 13th, 2011 and ending August 13th, 2011.

For more information, please visit

We will begin taking registration on May 3rd. The “Early-Bird” registration period will start May 3rd and end May 10th; anyone who registers during the early bird period will receive $50 off enrollment!

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