The Importance of a Proper Warm-Up for Workouts

warm up for workoutsIf you are serious about your training and your longevity in your sport, every training session should ALWAYS begin with a thorough warm-up.

This is often considered a “boring” part of the workout – foam rolling, stretching, and performing dynamic movements through full range of motion often gets neglected and not taken very seriously because it takes time and dedication to pay attention to the little things.

Athletes need to move with fluidity, grace, and without restriction in order to perform at their best. Our warm-ups include a wide variety of different movements in multiple directions to get the athlete’s minds and bodies prepared for their training sessions.

Sorry to say, but the old jogging a mile and holding a few static stretches is a thing of the past. Not only that but that in no way will prepare an athlete for the rigors of practice, games, and other activities.

It is unfortunate that many trainees miss the boat on this. Often times injuries such as muscle pulls, cramps, strains, and even over-use injuries can be alleviated or avoided all together with a simple warm-up, lasting anywhere from 10-15 minutes that is specific to the task at hand, the athletes, and the sports they are involved in.

Our athletes warm up as a group together and are led by a coach and are not allowed to begin training until our warm up is completed, no questions about it. This is how much we believe in this and every athlete and coach should as well!

Don’t just go through the motions – take every aspect of your training seriously and you will be that much further ahead of your competition.

– John Cortese

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