Reach Your Goals Faster with 1 Weird Trick [Mindset Monday]

Happy Monday!

You know, isn’t it frustrating when you have a goal in mind but you feel like you aren’t getting there?

Like you’re spinning your tires in the mud and not moving?!

Trust me, I know what it’s like – I can remember so many times in high school and college

telling myself that I wanted to run faster or jump higher but I often would hit a plateau no matter how hard I worked.

Check out the video below where I go over how to reach your goals faster with a post-it note!


If I had only known about this weird trick to reach your goals faster, who knows what else I could have achieved!

Don’t get me wrong, I achieved quite a bit but there were some major goals I had that I failed at and I believe part of the reason why was because I wasn’t “all in” so to speak.

Remember, when it comes to reaching your fitness, health, academic, or overall personal life goals, it’s all about ACCOUNTABILITY, COMMITMENT, AND WRITING YOUR GOALS DOWN!


– Team CTS

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