The Top 5 Reasons Why You NEED To Train at CTS in 2011


With 2010 coming to a close and 2011 coming up faster than I could have realized, I figured I’d give you some reasons why training at CTS is your BEST option if you wish to get stronger, faster, more explosive, leaner , etc etc etc..
I won’t drag this on, so here we go!

5.) Accountability-

Problem: Let’s face it. Training at a “Regular” gym just doesn’t cut it. I don’t care what your goal is whether it’s to get back in your playing-days shape, or get stronger and faster – you cannot be held accountable training by yourself at a Globo-gym. When you train at CTS, you are expected to show up and work your a*s off to get better. If you don’t, you are not only letting the other athletes in the group down, but you are definitely letting yourself down! When you set a time during the week to train and lay out 2-4 days per week, you are less likely to miss training sessions. This is a snowball effect that will in turn allow you to get results. The fact is that lack of consistency in your training will lead to stagnation, plateau, or burn-out.

Add to the fact that training at globo-gym leaves you wondering “what do I do today?” while trying to navigate through hundreds of other people all vying to perform the same exercise as you (bench press, curls).

Solution: By joining one of our fast-paced, high energy, no “BS” group training programs, you will be expected to show up (unless serious emergency arises of course) and train at the best of your ability. There have been a few that have not had “it” and simply stopped showing up because (insert lame excuse here), but like I’ve said before: this is definitely not for everyone! It’s simple: hold yourself accountable and you will see results!

4.) Competition-

Problem: How often do you get to compete during your training sessions? Never? Do the same thing day in, day out with no motivation or sense of direction, coupled with no way of competing with others and that will eventually lead to you probably quitting all together. Most of us played some sort of competitive sport growing up… As they say, competition brings out the best in us! If you aren’t regularly competing with yourself,  others, records, etc then you will never see your true potential!

Solution: At CTS, we are constantly competing at every training session. I have a records board set up right where everyone can see it to instill some competition within the groups and elevate everyone’s game higher than what they thought was possible. It’s a great feeling to see a young athlete break a gym record and have their name put up for everyone to see. This will drive you to work harder and stay motivated! Check out one of our groups training hard and competing… This is what it’s all about!

3.) Camaraderie-

Problem: Simply put: unless you have a couple friends and/or training partners or teammates you routinely train with on a regular basis, you are training by yourself. I have done this for many years, but nothing can compare to training with other like-minded individuals all looking to achieve the same goal!

Solution: By training with small groups of 4 – 6 other like-minded athletes, you will build relationships in and outside of the gym. You will build a common bond only known between other members of the gym. You will join a tribe of others that have know the temporary pain you have put in to become the best version of yourself you can be. You will join others that have sacrificed some time out of their day to work harder than 99% of the population ever has or will. THAT is how you build camaraderie, folks!

2.) Fun-

Problem: It’s pretty painful to watch athletes and clients go through the motions because their training program is flat out BORRINGGG. Whoever said training had to be a chore? If that’s the case, you need a serious evaluation of where you’re training, who you’re training with, and what program you’re running.

Solution: The training at CTS is FUN. Our athletes and clients all have a common phrase about training here: It’s FUN and EXCITING! We use many unconventional tools here to get the job done that you more than likely have never seen and will never use at a commercial gym, such as: tractor tires, gymnastics rings, suspension straps, thick barbells, thick dumbbells, dragging sleds, heavy tree stumps, medicine balls, heavy resistance bands (not the lame surgical tubing kind!!), sandbags, etc. Not only this, but we are able to train with REAL music (rock, hip-hop/rap, metal, etc). Sorry, but I can’t imagine it being very motivating to squat with Brittney Spears or the latest Justin Bieber song playing in the background! Check out the video below to see what I mean about training hard, but having a little FUN doing it! How often have you seen this is in your gym?


I’m so confident that you will absolutely LOVE it here that I can guarantee you results, or your money back! Just watch the 2 short videos below of a couple of our members talking about their experiences training at CTS!

If these reasons gave you some motivation to ditch your gym membership at Globo Gym, I invite you to come TRAIN with us at CTS Strength & Conditioning!

Serious athletes ONLY. Enrollment is very, very limited.

Why wait? Get started RIGHT NOW! Click HERE to fill out the form for your FREE 1-WEEK Trial and experience CTS first-hand!

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