Train Like an Athlete For Life?


Just a few more quick updates before I get to the goods of this post.

This Friday, October 1st is the big day! As of October 1, CTS Strength & Conditioning will officially be ready to start beginning the move-in to our facility, located at 1755 Industrial Way #21 in Napa, CA. I’m excited! We’ve already had a number of interested athletes and parents/coaches get in touch to inquire. In fact, I’ve already had a few “early commits”! Now THAT’S dedication.

Speaking of interested athletes; I spoke with a buddy the other night for a little bit. We were talking training and catching up. I’ve had him test-run a 12-week program I’ve put together for athletes; the thing about it though is that he is not involved in competitive athletics anymore. The training of traditional Monday – Chest, Tuesday -Back, etc.. just doesn’t cut it in the real-world.

I’m a firm believer that once an athlete, always one.

This is why I’ve decided to offer a very exclusive service in addition to our regular strength & conditioning for athletes; this is for a very small group  of people that STILL want and need to train like athletes – whether they be a serviceman (police, fire, military), ex-athlete, current “weekend warrior” involved in weekend recreational adult sport leagues, etc, then CTS is the PERFECT addition to your arsenal. This type of training would be PERFECT for the busy dad, working guy, ex-athlete, etc that can train 1 -3 hours per week and still take care of business at the home, job, or anywhere else that may arise.

So, if you’re ready to start training like an athlete again and get away from the boring, commercial, “Frilly” gym atmosphere; then give me a call or e-mail to inquire about this.

How much will it cost? ==> Expect to pay anywhere from $130 – $275 a month, depending on how many days per week you can train and how long you commit to.

What days and time do you meet?  ==> Since this is such a small group of people, I can only offer this group training at 6AM and 6PM on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. This training is very similar to how our athletes train – small groups of like-minded, competitive people, up to 10 at a time, structured training program under a coach, and guaranteed a*s kicking workouts!

If flipping tractor tires, dragging/pushing/pulling heavy sleds, squatting, deadlifting, pressing and carrying awkward objects such as stones and sandbags (and other weird and crazy exercises) sound like a great time to you, then this just might be what you’ve been looking for.

Look, this is NOT for everyone. I’m looking for 15 – 20 serious, dedicated, hard-working clients who are looking for real-world results and still want to have a family, personal, and social life outside of the gym. Once we reach the upper limit, we’ll have to close up availability to this group until further notice – simply because we can only take on so many others in addition to the youth, high school, and college athletes that will be training with us at CTS the majority of the time. This is why the limit will be 15, maybe up to 20, who knows?

You see how hard athletes train – you also see how jacked, ripped, muscular, and in shape they are – now’s your chance to train like an athlete at the only strength & conditioning facility in the Napa Valley.

Get on board before it’s too late!

See ya,

John Cortese, CSCS

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