Why Showing Up is Crucial to Your Success

Why Showing Up is Crucial to Your Success

Any time a new athlete or client starts with us, we instill from Day 1 that in order to get the results they want, they simply need to be consistent and “show up”.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

I would think so too – imagine if you just got hired at a new job and you showed up late and/or no showed.

You would probably get fired, right? Exactly. Lack of consistency kills progress.

The same goes for you and your training – in order for the “magic” and real results to happen, you simply just need to take action and “show up”!

Something is better than nothing. Even the worst-feeling workouts on ways where you just do NOT want to train will equal more progress in the end. It’s about putting on work and delivering with effort every single day!

Most would reach their goals faster thinking like this. Never give up and keep showing up! You WILL get there!

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