Hi guys,

First of all – let me officially welcome our weekly e-mails back to you!!

The earthquake kind of put us in a small rut with consistency, no excuses though!

With that said, I wanted to share with you an AWESOME way to ensure your success, in and out of the gym.

Many of us have trouble with reaching our goals due to motivation, consistency, or simple lack of desire.


We KNOW we want to reach a big goal, but often the hardest part is putting the effort in, day in and day out…

Often times this work might seem like you are not making any progress whatsoever and too often we give up, take a couple weeks off, and have to re-start all over again.

I can tell you for sure with certainty that if you are willing to stick it out and do this ONE thing every week, you will GUARANTEED see better results with your training, life, work, school, or personal goals.

OKAY, ready for this easy tip? If you are having trouble, I want you to do this simple task once a week on Sunday.

It’s going to take a little tiny bit of extra work, but nothing more than 5-10 minutes of your time.

1.) Write down EXACTLY what you WILL accomplish for the coming week. Not what you “Want” to, but what you WILL. This is a powerful affirmation to yourself that it’s going to get done.

2.) Keep this somewhere where you can see it at all times.

3.) At the end of the day, check back in with that list and see what got done.

4.) Finally, ask yourself if you could document this day in a book and your kids (or future children if you don’t have them yet) or a family member could look back at what you did, would they be proud or disappointed?

Remember, when you dedicate a big goal to someone or something else, it makes it that much more meaningful.

There are people counting on you and looking up to you – whether we like it or not, we’re all a leader in someway.

You can do it – if you need to extra help please reply below!

Let’s see how many get this done! I have been doing this myself for 3 weeks in a row and my results for my own goals have improved dramatically!!

Be crystal clear and have laser focus on what matters most to YOU!


Happy Monday,


– John Cortese


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