3 Steps to Learning the Kettlebell Swing [Train Smart Wednesday]

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You know, one of the main reasons why so many of our adult fitness clients and athletes are getting such great results is by picking and choosing exercises that deliver the most “bang for your buck”.

In other words, they stimulate a lot of muscles to work together at the same time, all while helping to build lean muscle and lose excess body fat!

One of the best exercises to accomplish this is the “Swing”, performed with a kettlebell or dumbbell.

It is a fantastic exercise, however it needs to be done properly with solid technique to avoid injury.

You’re in luck, because in today’s “Train Smart Wednesday” post, Coach Jeff Hermann breaks down 3 simple steps to help you learn the Swing and get you shedding body fat and building more lean muscle and power.

Check it out!


Next time you’re in a training session with us, be sure to use these tips if you have Swings on the menu! 🙂




– John Cortese