3 Tips to Make Healthy Habits a Lifestyle

By: Coach Jeff Hermann

Making healthy choices and new lifestyle changes may not be easy, but it is definitely worth it!

Making healthy choices and new lifestyle changes may not be easy, but it is definitely worth it!

It’s so easy to get motivated to change your life and do a complete 180 with your health. What isn’t easy is actually DOING it. We all know that this time of the New Year is when gyms will be packed with people set out to be a new them. Then before they know it, they are right back to same old routine, hating all the same things about themselves that they wish they could change. But how can you actually set yourself up for success when trying to make a lifestyle change? I’m not here to tell you it is easy, but I AM here to tell you that it is do-able.

Before I ever even entertained the idea of becoming a strength coach, I had “attempted” to commit myself to working out consistently probably 4 or 5 different times. I would work out 2 or 3 times the first week, realize I wasn’t insanely strong and shredded like I wanted to be, and quit. Wash, rinse, and repeat. Now, here I am today writing articles and making videos on all things fitness. How did I do this? How did I break the cycle of being stuck in the quick fix mindset and actually achieve my goals? Lets find out.

The first step in creating a lifestyle rather than a sure to fail quick fix scheme is by understanding the process of becoming healthy. Think of it this way: If you have not worked out in 10 years and can barely remember what its like to eat healthy on a fairly consistent basis, do you really think 3 to 4 weeks is enough to sway your body into total change? Seems a little ridiculous when you look at it that way. Changing your habits is much like how your body increases muscle mass, it is an adaptation to a consistent process.

The second step is a little more challenging, and this is probably my most talked about one when speaking with a new or potential client. Create a routine! If you believe working out in the morning is the best option for your schedule, then I will be damned if you believe your day starts when you get to work. No, it begins with your workout. Your workout is your 2nd job; you are putting in the hours for your body to pay you back later. This also goes for those of you who like to workout in the evening. Yes, it may be extremely hard to motivate yourself after an 8-hour (or more) workday, but we all know that guilty feeling you get when you skip out on your session. Missing sessions are a very slippery slope that can easily lead to another period of no physical activity.

The 3rd and final step is PATIENCE. This is something that can help you in all aspects of life but it is especially important in regards to your health. The results you want will come to you in time. It may be slowly and surely, but it WILL happen. You may feel discouraged if after 2 to 3 hard weeks you don’t see a drastic change, but all it takes in one little compliment or slight noticeable change in the mirror to spark that motivation all over again. Also remember, you see yourself EVERY DAY so it is very hard to notice the small but very real changes happening to your body. So when everyone else starts complimenting you on how great you look, they aren’t lying to you, you just can’t see it like they can yet!

I hope this helped some of you out there. As a previous quick-fixer, I cannot begin to describe how much fitness has changed my life. I want all of you to experience the change that I experienced and how truly amazing it was and continues to be. Stay the course and kick 2015’s a*s!!


Jeff Hermann


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