CTS-3-Year-LogoCan you believe it’s been 3 years already?!

I remember it like yesterday when I graduated college from Cal Poly-SLO and knew right then and there that I would move back to Napa to open my own training facility for athletes. This has been a dream of mine since I was a freshman in high school and I never lost sight of the ultimate goal.

Although I really didn’t have a whole lot of finances built up at the time, minimal equipment, and basically a great idea to run with – I was still willing to do whatever it took to make it work. Did I have any experience in running a business? NOPE. I had zero idea of what it would take to keep this business afloat but that is part of what makes this so fun and exciting yet scary at the same time – it really came down to how hard I was willing to work and the amount of action I was willing to take in order to keep growing.

I was a 1-man show for essentially the first year, literally doing EVERYTHING – it worked for a while but eventually there came a time where I needed help! So, that leads me to thanking my TEAM of coaches and staff who all play a HUGE role in the day-to-day operation and functionality of this great business, so thank you JEFF, RIKKI, CODY, JULIANNA, JAMES, and JORGE for all you do. Without you all this business would not run the way it does – we still have a lot to work on but we are headed in the right direction!

And finally, last but not least – our loyal athletes, clients, parents, coaches, and supporters. YOU are why we are still here. I can’t express my gratitude enough to how grateful we are to have such awesome, loyal, positive, and motivated people in our lives and I sometimes wake up still in shock that we get to help so many athletes and like-minded people get better each and every day. We love you guys like a family and it is with great sincerity that I say THANK YOU for everything!

Here’s to more great years ahead of us! Big things coming for CTS in the near future, so get ready!!

Here’s to you all,

– John Cortese, Founder & Owner


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