First down vs Touchdown?

First down vs Touchdown?

Good morning!

Many will argue this, but if you’ve been a part of the sport of football either
as a fan, spectator, coach, player, or a combo of all of those…

Is it better to go for the small victories (first downs) or the BIG victory (touchdowns)?!

You understand that when the offense gets a “first down” they get another series of
downs or opportunities to reach another “first down” to keep the chains moving
and ultimately get closer to scoring a touchdown.

The best teams usually are very good at controlling this by systematically and strategically
marching forward and slowly moving the chains to get to where they want to be.

There are often other times where in desperation, they make every effort to throw
the ball deep down field to hope they hit the BIG touchdown

Sure they MIGHT score on a LONG play quite often, but often you’ll notice that this is usually
not the case unless the teams are not evenly matched.

This same concept applies to YOU and I when it comes to reaching our goals.

We always want the BIG results now, and more often than not, we give up because
we just can’t seem to put the ball in the end-zone right away.

Instead, we should be focusing on consistent efforts each day by trying to get
another FIRST DOWN.

When this happens, we hit small victories day after day – and this results in getting
us closer to scoring another touchdown.

But a touchdown can’t occur unless we get some first downs along the way.

Remember: when you are going after a goal of yours, appreciate and celebrate the
small victories!
Whether it being you lost 2 lbs this week, or you increased your squat by 10 lbs,
or you lost 1% body fat in 2 weeks: take every success as a win and keep going!
Move the chains and always, always, always celebrate your success no matter
how small or large it may seem!

Hope you enjoyed my football analogy today 🙂

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

– John Cortese

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