I‘m sure we’ve all been told this before at least once in our lives.

“Work hard and you will achieve what you’ve set out to do!”

Is it really that simple though? I think it is, and I’ll tell you why.

In order to REALLY achieve a LARGE goal that you have, you have to be willing to do what others aren’t. Are you willing to stay in on the weekends and do what it takes to reach your desired goal? Are you willing to eat what others are not? Are you willing to skip out on those extra fries and beer at the football game in order to finally see your abs?

You see, it’s simple… But it’s not easy. With any goal that you set out to achieve, you must realize that the universe and everyone around you may not always want you to succeed. It may even seem like nothing has gone your way no matter how hard you have tried. But, keep at it long enough, show consistency and dedication, some patience, and the never-say-die attitude to keep going no matter how bad it might seem – and you’ve got yourself the chance to succeed no matter what you’re trying to accomplish.

Why am I telling you this? This can relate to practically anything in life. More specifically though for athletes, it just flat out makes me very upset to hear all these kids who want to be All-State, get a Division 1 scholarship, etc; but how many of them are REALLY ready to sacrifice a few things in their life in order to get there? Are you willing to put in the work year round? Most athletes aren’t these days.


No matter what you do, there should be NO regrets when you look back. We should be doing EVERYTHING in our power to succeed. I’m telling you from experience that I do have regrets and I’m telling you this because I don’t want you to make the same mistakes that I did. I’ve been there and have seen it all. I know what’s expected of athletes at the college level. I know what it’s like to win big and I know what it’s like to get smoked in a sprint race. I know what it’s like to drop a huge pass, wide-open on the way to the endzone; I also know what it’s like to train in the rain, at 1 in the morning, at 5 in the morning, after work. As an athlete I’ve made many mistakes but also had some success along the way too. Now as a coach, I’m telling you that if you are willing to do whatever it takes to win and do what your friends and others are NOT willing to do, then you will go far.


See how simple that was? Easy… No. It’s going to take some serious lifestyle changes to accomplish some of these tasks.

How bad do you want it?


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