Think you can’t afford to train at a “training gym”?

We often like to put things into perspective when this comes up.

We get it, training gyms like CTS are not for everyone and I also realize it’s an investment, a very good one at that though.

We are not the cheapest option and unfortunately that means not every single person that reaches out to us will be able to train here.

But what if we re-framed things a bit and looked at where we are spending our money (a quick look will show us what we value most) to see maybe we could make it happen.

After all, we value things that are important to us right?

For example, if you REALLY want those new (insert latest basketball or sport shoe) that cost $200-$300, you’ll find a way to make it happen.

Maybe you really like having the latest electronics and won’t bat an eye at spending $1k on a new phone..

Or perhaps you like to spend your $$ on clothes, new cars, jewelry, etc..

Going out to eat every week on Th, Fri, Sat night your thing? It adds up real fast, but hey to each their own.

The point here is not really the “things” that you like to trade for your money, but rather that if we VALUE something and we rank it high on our priority list, then it doesn’t really feel expensive does it?

Let’s do some math shall we?

A.) Typical Starbucks visit: $5 per visit, if you go every day = $150/month

B.) Dinner/drinks with friends 2-3x per week = $30-$50 per outing = $240/mo – $400/mo

C.) New shoes/clothes shopping 1-2x per month = $100-$300/mo

Now do any of these “things” give you a return on your money?

Not necessarily.

A typical “training gym” membership ranges anywhere between $100 – $300/mo depending on your area and what you’re looking to achieve and how specific you want to get with your training.

From our experience gym goers that attend training gyms have higher attendance rates, they stick with their routines longer, and ultimately get awesome results.

Put into perspective compared to daily coffee visits, or spending a ton of money on “things” and/or going out too often, doesn’t sound so unreasonable anymore.

Hopefully your investment spent on something like this will improve your health and well being – that in itself is the best investment we can make isn’t it?

Without our health, what do we have??

What we value most is ultimately what we will always place high on our priority list. Hope this helps anyone that might be on the fence about joining a training gym. No matter where you go, having somewhere that you can go for 45-60 minutes, meet friends, have fun, and have a “done for you” plan works wonders!


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