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Hope all is well on your end and you’re training is going well.

It’s almost THAT TIME again – yes, Summer is almost here, and with Summer comes hot weather and sunny skies. This is the IDEAL time to work on your speed & agility for all athletes, male and females.

During the Summertime, many athletes will make excuses as to why they can’t train – they would rather sleep or play video games than get faster and quicker (this boggles my mind). When I was in middle school, as soon as I found out I had some decent speed, I did EVERYTHING I could to learn how to get faster, stronger, and more explosive (yes, even at the age of 12-13, I was OBSESSED with this stuff. True story, ask my mom 😎 )


My point here is, even at a young age of 10-14 years old, you are at a very valuable time in your athletic careers to start ingraining proper speed and agility training. A younger athletes Central Nervous System (brain + spinal cord) is still in development at this stage and once bad habits are formed, they are very hard to break as an athlete gets older. However, if we work on things such as SPEED, AGILITY, QUICKNESS, TIMING, COORDINATION, BALANCE, RHYTHM, TIMING, STRENGTH, MOBILITY, FLEXIBILITY, AND GENERAL CONDITIONING early on and often enough, then this will set the athlete up for much greater success as they grow into a mature teen/young adult. Not only this, but the INJURY PREVENTION aspect of this type of training can’t be beat – if you’re hurt, you can’t play! Our goal is to keep these young athletes as far away from injury as possible while developing these critical skills for success.

You can learn more about our 6-week camp by clicking here ==> SPEED & AGILITY TRAINING CAMP

Spots this year WILL fill up and we can only take on 40 athletes this Summer. We are beginning to build our pre-registration e-mail list and have already had about 20 inquiries… So, if you’d like to be a part of this exclusive camp with us this Summer, head over to that page and we’ll be in touch soon!


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PS – Here’s that link one more time ==> SUMMER SPEED & AGILITY CAMP


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