Listen to Your Body and Why it’s Important [Train Smart Wednesday]

What’s up everybody?!

Welcome back to another installment of “Train Smart Wednesday” with coach Jeff Hermann!

In today’s video, Jeff discusses the importance of listening to your body and why you can’t expect
to hit personal records every single day.


If you are training hard enough, eventually you’re going to feel tired, sluggish, or a little beat up.

Just remember, those little aches and pains you may feel can be alleviated when you take your recovery
just as serious as you do your training.

Over time if you don’t listen to your body and keep pushing through the pain, you’ll eventually (sooner or later) experience an injury and be set back further than if you just backed off a bit or did other movements to allow yourself a chance to recover.

Don’t get frustrated if you don’t feel 100% every time you train – just do what you’re capable of and chalk it up as a “win” that you were blessed to get in another workout!

As always, keep training hard but remember to train SMART first!

In strength,

Team CTS

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