Pre/Postnatal Fitness

Now offering Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness Classes at CTS!

When it comes to pregnancy and exercise, we need to establish the mindset of preservation. With a growing belly and additional stress and pressure on our body, we can work toward preserving our core & pelvic floor function while continuing to enjoy exercise we love, just in a more strategic way. 

Postpartum is a critical time for new moms to rest, recover and rehab. This phase of life requires nourishing support and a strong community. Meet your Pre & Postnatal Fitness Coach, Rikki Cortese. Rikki is a personal trainer who specializes in pre & postnatal exercise and as a mother of two who has experienced the effects of two very different births and recoveries firsthand, this program has been created with lots of love specifically for you.

Are you currently pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant? Have you recently given birth and are feeling ready to return to exercise safely and effectively? Have you had children years ago but still experiencing some lingering issues from childbirth? Are you worried about diastasis recti, or bothered by incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, lower back pain, pelvic or hip pain? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this program is calling your name.

This program is for moms who:

  • Want to prehab and prepare for birth, the guidance and program structure to follow during pregnancy as it’s ever changing
  • Have given birth vaginally &/or by cesarean
  • Are looking to strengthen their core and pelvic floor properly after giving birth
  • Want effective workouts and extra accountability
  • Want to safely return to the activities they enjoy
  • Want to manage, improve or prevent core & pelvic floor symptoms, regain strength, build muscle, improve cardiovascular fitness and enhance quality of life
  • Want guidance and assurance so you can feel informed, confident and empowered
  • Are looking for a professional to help you navigate your training during this unique chapter in your life

Program Options

1-on-1 Personal Training or Individualized Remote Coaching

This program is customized specifically for you, your personal goals and fitness level. This includes new workouts every four weeks, nutrition assessments and coaching, and priority access to me for accountability and support.

“Mommy & Me” Small Group Training*

Train with a small group of other moms just like you. This program is tailored toward each individual birth experience, postpartum recovery and personal goals.

Both program options will return you to exercise safely, create training strategies beneficial specifically to you, promote and encourage healing, develop a solid foundation of core strength & stability, and have you feeling more confident and empowered in your new body.

*Non-walking babies are welcome to workout with mom. 

Video or Phone Chat Consultations

Do you have specific questions about postpartum recovery? How to get back into exercise you enjoy? Not really sure where to start? Ask away! My 30 minute consultations via video chat or phone give you the opportunity to ask those questions.

To get started, just CLICK HERE, fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch to set up your complimentary consultation!

Looking forward to working with you,

Rikki Cortese
Co-owner of CTS Fitness & Performance
NASM Certified
Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coach
Postnatal Fitness Specialist


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