Olympic Weightlifting for Sports (Video)

We get asked questions repeatedly from athletes and coaches about the never-ending debate regarding Olympic-style weightlifting for athletes and whether or not they are SAFE or EFFECTIVE or even worth the time to coach and teach them… There are many ways to skin a cat, but we simply prefer to use weightlifting as main-stay in […]

2012 Speed and Agility Camp Highlight Video

This is a highlight video of our 2012 Summer Speed & Agility Camp for youth athletes. We trained for 6 weeks, 3 days per week for 60 minutes per session focusing on lateral speed, linear speed development, agility, acceleration and deceleration mechanics, and basic fundamentals of sprinting! [youtube][/youtube] We also ensured a solid foundation was […]

Battle Rope Training for Conditioning

We like to utilize battle rope training into many of our athlete’s training programs, as the ropes provide minimal impact to the joints while getting the heart rate up and sparing the legs from additional running or impact, if for whatever reason due to injury they cannot perform sled drags, prowler sprints, etc. [youtube][/youtube]  These […]

CTS Referral Contest!!

Hi there, I hope all is well with you and you or your young athlete(s) keep getting great results in your quest to become the best version of yourself! I wanted to write you personally today for a number of reasons and let you know we have some really cool happenings going on this coming […]

Explosive Speed and Power Development Using the Olympic Lifts

It’s of my opinion that the most efficient and single best way to develop EXPLOSIVE speed and power is by utilizing the Olympic lifts (clean & jerk, snatch) and their variations into your training for continued speed, strength, and power. Obviously for an athlete, these qualities are of great importance if they wish to succeed […]

Strength Training for Young Athletes

This topic of strength training as it pertains to youth athletes (age 10-14) is of special interest to me, mainly because I hear all sorts of lies, myths, and simple false facts that strength training will hurt a young athlete’s growth potential. This is no more than an urban legend and something that really has […]

How to Recover from Exercise Faster

Hey, I thought you may enjoy this special free report I made up! It’s titled “Advanced Recovery Techniques for Improved Speed and Strength!” Many serious, dedicated, and driven athletes have already downloaded their copy, it’s cool to see! I really like talking about this subject. The faster an athlete can recover, the better he/she will […]

Speed vs. Agility: What’s the Difference?

I get asked this question all the time.. “What can I do to get faster for (insert sports here) ?!” My number one answer for this, regardless of the age or athlete most of the time is “Get stronger, improve your mobility, improve your body composition through proper eating habits, and practice the skill you […]