Reach Your Goals Faster with 1 Weird Trick [Mindset Monday]

Happy Monday! You know, isn’t it frustrating when you have a goal in mind but you feel like you aren’t getting there? Like you’re spinning your tires in the mud and not moving?! Trust me, I know what it’s like – I can remember so many times in high school and college telling myself that […]

Thank You!

On behalf of the entire team at CTS, we wanted to first off sincerely THANK each and every one of our loyal athletes, clients, parents, and coaches, in addition to our followers and readers from afar. Without you guys, we would not be where we are at today! Being able to work with so many […]

How to Find Time to Train with Busy Schedules

One of the most difficult aspects of training is more often than not proper time management. When busy schedules arise, we often start to feel overwhelmed and anxious, wondering how are we going to be able to fit practice, school, homework, games, a part-time job (for some), and a social life in addition to training?! […]

CTS Athlete DESTROYS Gym Record! (Cool Story)

I wanted to share a recent accomplishment and cool story of one of our athletes. Cody, 25, is a lifelong athlete – he doesn’t “compete” in a regular team sport any longer, but the drive and determination he has to train HARD is what brought him to CTS. I have always said, even if you […]

Strength Coach Audio Interrogation: Travis Stoetzel

Hey guys, I’ve got another great audio interrogation for you today, one you’ll for sure want to listen to and take notes on! I interviewed strength and conditioning coach and warehouse gym owner Travis Stoetzel about a wide variety of subject related to making you look, feel, and move better, including: How to eat “clean” […]

Strength Coach Interview: Rick Daman

Hey guys, Hope you’re having a great day. Weather is starting to get HOT and that means it’s getting even hotter inside the gym. So make sure you bring an extra bottle or two of water with you to training! No excuses! Anyways, today I have a special audio interview I conducted with an awesome […]

Strength Training for Youth Athletes

Some people think strength training is ONLY for high school and collegiate athletes… WRONG! Check out the video below shot recently of some of our younger athletes (both in 8th grade) working on their relative body strength with some rope climbs and sandbag squats! The other athletes in the background are a bit older (one […]