Instant vs. Delayed Gratification

We live in a world where we MUST see results NOW! Online shopping and digital marketplaces make goods and products easier than ever to buy and receive at a rapid pace. This is convenient when it comes to “things” that you wish to have, also known as “Instant Gratification” or in other words, seeing a […]

Firefighter deadlifts 420 lbs at 152 lbs!

One of our long-time and loyal CTS athletes, Kyle B, working up to a new PR Deadlift of 420 lbs @ 152 lbs body weight. Very impressive feat of relative body strength!! (Strength in relation to his own body weight, that’s just around 2.75 times his weight!) We don’t max out on deadlifts very often, […]

CTS Athlete DESTROYS Gym Record! (Cool Story)

I wanted to share a recent accomplishment and cool story of one of our athletes. Cody, 25, is a lifelong athlete – he doesn’t “compete” in a regular team sport any longer, but the drive and determination he has to train HARD is what brought him to CTS. I have always said, even if you […]

4 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Training for Speed & Strength

Training for speed and strength does not have to be very fancy. It doesn’t need to be all that scientific either. Don’t get me wrong, there are proper ways of planning, set/rep schemes, volume, frequencies, duration, intensity, and a whole other load of variables that go into a great program… But you shouldn’t have to […]

How to Recover from Exercise Faster

Hey, I thought you may enjoy this special free report I made up! It’s titled “Advanced Recovery Techniques for Improved Speed and Strength!” Many serious, dedicated, and driven athletes have already downloaded their copy, it’s cool to see! I really like talking about this subject. The faster an athlete can recover, the better he/she will […]

Strength Coach Audio Interrogation: Travis Stoetzel

Hey guys, I’ve got another great audio interrogation for you today, one you’ll for sure want to listen to and take notes on! I interviewed strength and conditioning coach and warehouse gym owner Travis Stoetzel about a wide variety of subject related to making you look, feel, and move better, including: How to eat “clean” […]

Strength Coach Audio Interrogation: Joe Chizek

What’s up guys? Real quickly, I have another great audio interrogation for you with a good friend of mine and fellow strength coach out of Omaha, Nebraska by the name of Joe Chizek. This audio interview I conducted with Joe covered some great topics, including how to build muscle, nutrition and supplementation for athletes, how […]