Proper Pressing for Serious Strength [Train Smart Wednesday]

Good Day! Coach Jeff Hermann here again to provide you with some sweet training tips for our weekly “Train Smart Wednesday” content! In this article, I will be going over the importance of hand placement and elbow positioning as it relates to pressing a barbell from the front rack position to over head. So lets […]

Why It’s Okay to Fail! [Motivation Monday]

Have you ever had a big goal, dream, or vision about something you wanted to accomplish? Or how about something that seemed so far out there that is seemed impossible… And it got you so excited that you couldn’t sleep at night? Only to never get done, because you were afraid of the possible outcome […]

Deadlifts for Full Body Strength and Power

A little compilation/highlight video of a few of our athletes working one of our core lifts and its’ variation, the Deadlift! Not much to say about it that already has been mentioned, but it pretty much kicks major a*s!! Do these with proper technique with consistency and you will build full body strength that no […]

How to Get Stronger and Faster for Baseball

In my short career as a strength & conditioning coach, I have trained quite a few baseball players. Many of them want the same thing: a faster 60 yard dash time, strength to hit the ball further and throw harder, and keep their chances of getting hurt slim-to-none.  It makes me a happy person when […]

Homemade Meal Replacement Shakes for Athletes

  In this day and age, I get asked ALL of the time on what supplements athletes should use.  Normally I give them one or two of my top choice IF their diets are sound and they are getting enough calories in from food alone. Even with this advice though, it’s tough to get in […]

Strength Coach Audio Interrogation: Joe Chizek

What’s up guys? Real quickly, I have another great audio interrogation for you with a good friend of mine and fellow strength coach out of Omaha, Nebraska by the name of Joe Chizek. This audio interview I conducted with Joe covered some great topics, including how to build muscle, nutrition and supplementation for athletes, how […]