How to Cure “Quick Fix” Syndrome [Motivation Monday]

Good Morning guys! Another day to get better. Often times when we are focusing on improvement, we start off EXTREMELY motivated. We don’t miss workouts, we eat clean, and we do all the right things to ensure success. Progress is going well, we’re doing awesome.. Then all of a sudden… That initial energy and enthusiasm […]

1 Simple Way to Improve Your Results [Motivation Monday]

Hi guys, First of all – let me officially welcome our weekly e-mails back to you!! The earthquake kind of put us in a small rut with consistency, no excuses though! With that said, I wanted to share with you an AWESOME way to ensure your success, in and out of the gym. Many of […]

No Bake Chocolate Protein Balls [Eat Clean Friday]

Hey everyone! Welcome back to “Eat Clean” Friday! Today’s recipe comes from Rikki and was originally posted on These are so good, you may eat them all in one sitting!! Give these a shot and let us know what you thought! Chocolate “No Bake” Protein Balls Yields: 10-12 Protein Balls Prep Time: 10 min […]

The Importance of a Proper Warm-Up for Workouts

If you are serious about your training and your longevity in your sport, every training session should ALWAYS begin with a thorough warm-up. This is often considered a “boring” part of the workout – foam rolling, stretching, and performing dynamic movements through full range of motion often gets neglected and not taken very seriously because […]

CTS September Athlete of the Month

Our CTS September Athlete of the Month award goes to Isabel Jennings, a junior basketball/track & field athlete at Justin-Siena High School! Isabel has quickly become a standout in the gym with what seems endless progress in strength, power, and overall athleticism! She has made great gains including adding 3 inches to her vertical jump […]

3 Years of CTS – Thank You!

Can you believe it’s been 3 years already?! I remember it like yesterday when I graduated college from Cal Poly-SLO and knew right then and there that I would move back to Napa to open my own training facility for athletes. This has been a dream of mine since I was a freshman in high […]

What’s the Deal With Fitness Assessments?

**Why We Assess all New Prospective Athletes and Clients** Assessments are a vital part of making sure a new athlete has a successful training experience with us at CTS. Trying to create an individualized training program without an assessment would be like shooting darts in the dark. Sure I “MIGHT” hit the bulls-eye every once […]

Instant vs. Delayed Gratification

We live in a world where we MUST see results NOW! Online shopping and digital marketplaces make goods and products easier than ever to buy and receive at a rapid pace. This is convenient when it comes to “things” that you wish to have, also known as “Instant Gratification” or in other words, seeing a […]

The Truth About Speed Training for Young Athletes

The Truth About Speed Training for Young Athletes is quite simple, really! You see, my coaches and I have worked with hundreds¬† of different athletes from all sports, backgrounds, and ages. One of the top goals of every athlete that comes to train with us is to improve their sprinting speed and/or agility and quickness. […]

How to Simply Test and Improve Mobility for Athletes

When a new athlete comes in to train with us, we first need to establish a baseline of where they’re at, physically and mentally. Part of this evaluation process is testing their current level of flexibility and mobility. We use a simple warm-up with basic movements coupled with one simple movement to screen and assess […]