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So what do we do and how can we help you? 

Based in Napa, California, we specialize in training middle school, high school, and college aged athletes to get bigger, faster, and stronger.  If you’re willing to put in the effort then we can help you to be the best athlete you possibly can. 

Whether you’re looking to boost your strength, improve your conditioning, build athleticism, or just decrease your susceptibility to injury, our customized and individualized training programs will give you the best possible chance to fulfill your ambitions.

Ultimately, if you’re not willing to spend time at the gym training, there are others out there that will. And those that do will soon rise above you. Sorry to be blunt. But that’s the truth, and upfront honesty is something we pride ourselves in at CTS.

That’s not to say that everyone who trains here will become a professional athlete. We can’t promise that, sorry…

What we can guarantee, however, is that if you train here we’ll help you to become the very best that you can possibly can be.

In addition, working with us will guarantee that you’ll be stronger, faster and more explosive.  That’s a fact.  We’re proven to drastically improve each of the following:

  • Confidence and self-esteem 
  • Agility and foot speed 
  • Muscle gain and fat loss
  • Upper, lower and full body muscle strength
  • 40 and 60 yard dash times
  • Body awareness, balance and stability
  • Flexibility, mobility, and reduced risk of injury
  • Vertical jumping power
  • Conditioning and endurance

Regardless of which sport you play, we can transform you into a COMPLETE athlete.  With guidance from qualified professionals in a supervised, competitive setting, we will help you to dominate your competition.

100moneyback-2 What’s more our results are fully 100% guaranteed.  If you train at our gym, there’s absolutely no way you won’t see the benefits.  We guarantee it or your money back, no questions asked!

What now?

We’d like to offer you the opportunity for a FREE trial workout and athletic evaluation at our gym.  Come down, check us out, and see for yourself why we’re the gym of choice for serious athletes.

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There’s no obligation or hard sell involved.  Once you see our quality and experience we’re confident that no other gym will compare.  No other gym can make you the athlete we can.

Ask yourself this – would you rather fail through lack of ability, or lack of effort? Here’s your chance to prove how badly you really want to succeed.  Are you willing to put in the hard work, or are you just talk? Your call…

So what are you waiting for? To schedule your FREE athlete evaluation and get started with CTS today, click the button below!


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Featured Success Stories

"Your program at CTS has been a definite positive move in his life. While you focus on the body when he returns home from a workout there is a significant improvement in his morale. We are grateful to you! I know he does enjoy the challenges you've set for him!"

- Jayna Spiteri, Parent of CTS Athlete

I wanted to thank you for the work you did with Sierra! She played 9 games this weekend in 100 degree heat in Stockton; She was the starting catcher in 7 of them, finished 5, played in 8 total. Her stamina was so much better than at the start of the season and going to your camp had a lot to do with it! Thank you! Mark Crocker, Parent of CTS Athlete
"She loves going to you guys it's great! I think it has also helped with her confidence - that makes me really happy! I think this is going to be great with not only her strength but her endurance when travel ball starts up again. Thank you so much!" - Daviann Yeager., Parent of CTS Athlete
"I just want to thank you and your staff for everything you've done for Caymus. He loves CTS and is loving weightlifting. He really looks up to you guys. Thank you so much!" - Jill Barrett, Parent of CTS Athlete
"By the way, Jared scored twice yesterday in our scrimmages and everyone commented about how much faster he has gotten!!" - Lori Reich, Parent of CTS ahlete Jared Reich
"I wanted to send you a quick email to let you know Ricky absolutely loves CTS, this is exactly what he needed! We have 4 kids that have tried just about every sport and activity and we have never seen any of them as excited to go as Ricky is. Thank you!" - Janet Ceja, Parent of CTS Athlete
"I think we have some kids coming to see you, which I think is great. All the kids that have seen you turn out to be great lifters with impeccable technique. You are doing great!" - Coach Troy Mott, Napa High School Football
"I just want you to know how thankful I am for you and what you have built at CTS. I have never looked so forward to going to the gym, not only the type of lifting, but the atmosphere there as well. I believe the awesomeness that is CTS is a direct reflection of your leadership and the way you choose to do things. I believe you have created something very special, and I am so happy to be a part of it! I'm 30 frickin' years old and stronger than I've ever been! Thank you so much for being a great coach, business owner, and leader!" - Will Nesbitt, High School Football, Track Coach, Vintage High School, Napa CA
"Reece loves CTS thank you for being so awesome with him. He really likes the coaches and everyone there!" Lynette Rudstrom, Parent of CTS Athlete
"John, thank you so much for working with me this summer. I truly had a great time and enjoyed coming to CTS. The attitude that you bring to the gym makes me want to train hard and get stronger while also making it fun to be there. I appreciate all that you and your staff did for me. I will be sure to keep you posted on how football goes!" - Dom G, Northern Arizona University Football
"Thank you for taking the time to email me and for the update on Issy's progress with you. I am glad to hear it is going so well for her. I have to say the work that you have done with Austin Connolly, Will Yates, and many of my other football/track athletes made referring her to you an easy decision. Thanks for all the hard you do making our kids better!" - Brandon LaRocco, Justin-Siena High School Foootball & Track Coach
"I have very much enjoyed working out at CTS this summer. There have been numerous occasions where I felt as though I was about to vomit and/or die (that is a compliment)! Also, I think my squat form has much improved in that I am better able to keep my knees from turning in. Further, I have become stronger, more flexible and added some muscle. Thank you for running such a great program!" Evan Blasingame, High School Teacher, Napa, CA
"I hope you know how appreciative we are what you have done with Chelsea. She loves your program and has grown so much as an athlete. She gained a lot of knowledge and progressed in many ways!" - Rosie Holland, Parent of CTS Athlete
"Will loves training at CTS! We are thrilled with your program. You offer a great program for Napa's youth athletes!" - Connie Guttersen, Parent of CTS Athlete
"I really believe in your program for the kids...and I think its great what you guys are doing!" - Melissa Alexander, Parent of CTS athlete
"The hard work at CTS and your direction is a big part of her success!" - Don Clark, Parent of CTS Athlete
"Hi John...he has made a lot of progress! It's very noticeable to me and his coaches. He really does enjoy it at CTS!" - Jeff Hatfield, Parent of CTS Athlete
"Zach's confidence has sky rocketed since he started training. This may sound funny but he's not as clumsy either. (Takes after me) Lol! He's bulked up too which he is really happy about!!" - Stacy Geary, Parent of CTS Athlete
"You have a great program that really works for the kids!!!" - D.D. Elmore, Parent of CTS Athlete