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How Long Do Your Workouts Need To Be?

How Long Do Your Workouts Need To Be?

 The length of your workout is a hot topic of debate these days. How you spend your time in the gym is definitely a factor, but it really isn't everything. We have met plenty of people who are used to spending 2-3 hours in the gym every day, but not seeing progress....

The Truth About Strength Training

One of the more common misconceptions when it comes to getting into shape is that strength training is somehow going to be detrimental to your health and that you ought to steer clear of it all together. The term "strength training" is just another term for resistance...

The Best Time to Work Out

Is there an ideal time to work out? It depends on the person, but in reality what matters most is that you're moving and getting the important stuff done. When we hear "I can't work out because I'm not a morning person", what we really hear is "I can't work out...

How to Find Time to Work Out

One of the biggest objections we get when speaking to new, current, or past clients is that TIME was the limiting factor for them when it came to being an obstacle to reach their goals. Often times we hear reasons such as... "I don't have enough time in the day"... Or...

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