Train Like an Athlete For Life?

Hey, Just a few more quick updates before I get to the goods of this post. This Friday, October 1st is the big day! As of October 1, CTS Strength & Conditioning will officially be ready to start beginning the move-in to our facility, located at 1755 Industrial Way #21 in Napa, CA. I’m excited! […]

Explosive Medicine Ball Throws for Speed Development

Napa Valley Athletes: you gotta train hard and you gotta perform exercises that really work. If you’re ready to train with us, click on “Join CTS” tab above to schedule your free trial and athlete/parent interview with us. **SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY** Time to take your athleticism to the next level! I’ll be talking with you […]

Welcome to CTS Strength & Conditioning

Hi, Thanks for checking out our site (it’s still in the process of being developed, feel free to browse around the tabs above for more info). Whether you are an athlete, coach, or parent – you’re going to be VERY excited about this new service, finally available to the well-deserving and hard working athletes of […]