CTS Athlete DESTROYS Gym Record! (Cool Story)

I wanted to share a recent accomplishment and cool story of one of our athletes. Cody, 25, is a lifelong athlete – he doesn’t “compete” in a regular team sport any longer, but the drive and determination he has to train HARD is what brought him to CTS. I have always said, even if you aren’t necessarily a competitive athlete any more, training and competing is still VERY important to make sure you reach your goals.

One of Cody’s goals when he came to me was to pack on muscle, get stronger, and improve overall athleticism – he came to me with a pretty bad knee injury (that eventually required surgery) but still showed up to every session and got after it – sled drags, deadlifts, squats, etc. Anything that we threw at him, he did it. The only time off Cody had to take was for the surgery (back in August) but a month later he was back in the gym ready to get better and start the healing process as soon as he got the “go” from the doc!

Cody started training with us back in December at a bodyweight of 142 lbs – as of last week he is back up to 158 lbs of solid muscle and is probably one of the strongest and most powerful athletes that trains at the gym! He has set numerous gym records in the “Seasoned Vet” category and on Friday performed a set of 33 CONSECUTIVE chin ups, a new gym ALL-TIME record!! I don’t know too many people that can perform even 20 LEGIT chin ups, let alone 33! Cody broke his own previous record of 26 which he set over the Summer. Check out the video below – yes he used his legs on the last few, but it’s still quite an impressive showing of relative body strength, endurance, and athleticism! In addition to this, he has deadlifted 365 lbs, bench pressed over 200 lbs, can knock out 50+ push ups any day of the week, can walk on his hands with ease, perform backflips, climb the 18 foot climbing rope with ease, and is VERY lean – quite the athlete if you ask me. 

 Cody is proof that if you aren’t afraid to work hard, you can accomplish all of your goals and more. With commitment, dilligence, and setting monthly goals, you can become the athlete that you CAN and SHOULD be!


Time to get after it,

John Cortese, CSCS

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