New Stuff + Referral Contest (Win Cool Stuff)!!

Hey guys,

Hope you’re all having a great Wednesday. Halfway there til the weekend!

Couple things to mention, then I’ll get to the main point of this post (referral contest!).

1.) In the month of January, CTS saw 10 new athletes join to get better for their sport! Now that’s some serious dedication! From just 2 athletes in October, to 25 athletes (plus the Napa Xtreme Softball Organization) in the beginning of February, we’ve come a LONG way and I couldn’t have done it without YOU. So, thank you!!

2.) Many gym records are falling every week. I think it’s VERY cool to see how competitive all of the athletes are becoming. Once shy, timid athletes are now competing with others during every workout. Once small, skinny kids are now putting on 10 or more pounds in a matter of 4-6 weeks!! Brandon Gant (Vintage High School Football/Track) has gained 9 pounds in just over 4 weeks! Derek Poteet and Austin Flohr (8th grade football/track/wrestling) have both put on over 10 pounds of muscle in just over 7 weeks! I’m also very proud to say that EVERY athlete that has stepped through the door to train have all improved EVERY SINGLE WEEK. You can see the drastic changes right before your eyes and it makes me proud to be a strength and conditioning coach!

3.) CTS on Facebook: Are you a fan yet?! If not, head over to and become a fan today!! It helps stay in touch with up to the minute updates, photos, news and much more..


In an effort to help grow the gym (which will help CTS get more cool “toys” for us to play with to crush the opposition and become better, STRONGER, FASTER, EXPLOSIVE ATHLETES) I’ve come up with a cool way to help each other out!

The referral contest is simple!

For the entire month of February (beginning tomorrow February 3rd, 2011 and ending March 3rd, 2011) every athlete/client has a chance to win COOL prizes.

Here’s how it works:

  • For every referral that SIGNS UP with CTS in the month of February (it can be in any of the programs offered here: Youth, HS/College, or Seasoned Vet) you get 1 “point”.
  • For every “point” you receive, you will automatically win a $25 gift card to the local restaurant/store/place of business of your choice!
  • If you reach 4 “points” or 4 referrals, you will win a $100 gift card to the local restaurant/store/place of business of your choice!
  • The first person to 7 “points” (7 referrals) will be the GRAND PRIZE WINNER and receive an Apple iPod Touch (32GB), a $265 value! These are awesome for listening to music (mp3 player), watching videos, etc! If you already have an iPod touch or iPhone, you can select a gift of equal value to substitute..

*Rules: You must be a current member OR Parent of an athlete that trains at CTS Strength & Conditioning. Everyone is eligible to win. Your referral must sign up (you don’t get a point if they only participate in the free 1-week trial) for at least 1 month of training (1, 3, 6, or 12). After you reach your 4th referral ($100 gift card), each referral after that will still act as 1 “point” = $25 gift card.

So, with that being said… It’s time to spread the word! Time to win cool stuff! If you have any questions, please ask me at your next training session, or e-mail

If you aren’t currently a member, you can be eligible for this cool giveaway by signing up!

Just way my way of saying “THANK YOU” for your continued support. Word-of-mouth is KING for this industry, and I know that referrals are the best way to bring more athletes in that are similar to the ones currently training with us now! Remember, SERIOUS, DEDICATED, and COMMITTED athletes ONLY! Don’t bring along your friends that are lazy and afraid to work!

See ya at the gym,

John Cortese, CSCS

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