Strength Coach Audio Interrogation: Joe Chizek

What’s up guys?

Real quickly, I have another great audio interrogation for you with a good friend of mine and fellow strength coach out of Omaha, Nebraska by the name of Joe Chizek.

This audio interview I conducted with Joe covered some great topics, including how to build muscle, nutrition and supplementation for athletes, how beginners should start on their quest to get bigger and stronger for athletics, the importance of general physical preparedness (GPP), and much more. Be sure to listen to this 40-minute audio interview, there are a TON of great tips you can implement immediately for your own training!

To listen to our audio interview, just click the link below.

Audio Interrogation with Joe Chizek and John Cortese <=== Click to listen

For more information on Joe Chizek, be sure to check out his blog Trained Tuff at; and if you are an athlete or someone who is looking for a REAL challenge in Omana, Nebraska be sure to visit The Forged Athlete Gym to take your strength and muscle building training to new levels!


Hope you enjoy, see ya!

John Cortese

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