Image converted using ifftoanyGood Morning guys!

Another day to get better.

Often times when we are focusing on improvement, we start off EXTREMELY motivated.

We don’t miss workouts, we eat clean, and we do all the right things to ensure success.

Progress is going well, we’re doing awesome.. Then all of a sudden…

That initial energy and enthusiasm you had fizzles out. Usually because we are SO focused on the outcome and end result that we get frustrated all together because we haven’t reached our goal.

More often than not, we would all want results over night.

I call this “Quick Fix” syndrome – hoping that after a few weeks of training really hard, or eating clean for a short time will hopefully fix all of our problems and will instantly get us the results we desire.

Falling victim to this will only leaves us frustrated and sometimes giving up all together!

Here’s how to solve this problem and cure the “Quick Fix” syndrome:

a.) Take it slow – results that are permanent take time. Focusing on the journey and looking to improve each week will leave lasting changes.

b.) Set mini-goals: Instead of focusing on 1 year from now, or how you will look next Summer, or how next football season will go for a high school athlete… Set goals each month. For example, this month you may decide you want to lose 1 inch off your waist. Or even set a goal to make every workout. The next month you might re-assess and change things up.

c.) Don’t get overwhelmed: often times we always want to make BIG changes all at once. You’re more likely to stick with something and make it a permanent change when you make small changes over time. I always tell our student-athletes who have trouble eating enough to just focus on eating breakfast each day. Make that small change a habit and then after a month, focus on post-workout nutrition.

d.) Things take time – as said above, anything worth doing and worth KEEPING takes effort, consistency, and time. Don’t get caught up in a short-term mindset, but rather focus on enjoying the journey and trusting the process.

In short, to cure this ailment of “Quick Fix” syndrome, remember to: Take it slow, set mini goals, don’t get overwhelmed, and it will take time!


Have a great day!


– John Cortese




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