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Welcome back to our latest “Motivation Monday” video with CTS Owner and Coach John Cortese!

Many people often have big dreams, goals, and aspirations which is GREAT…

But the limiting factor holding them back is actually taking action and just simply getting started!


You might ask yourself questions like..

“When do I start?”

“How do I begin?”

“What do I do first?”

It honestly doesn’t matter – the most important part in getting to where you want to be is starting TODAY. Making a commitment to quit procrastinating and just doing ONE thing to get closer to your goals.

We like to make things more complicated than they need to be, when in reality by simply starting you are doing more than most will.

It is hard and can be scary to go after what you want.

Live life with no regrets and if you have an idea, a goal, a vision, or something that excites you and you want it to happen, YOU can determine your fate and outcome by the choices you make (or don’t make).

Up to you – when do you start? How about NOW!


Team CTS

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